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Option C now uses the sequences supplied in the FASTA file to calculate edge values and the IDs in the headers to retrieve node attribute information from UniProt. Like Option D, the user can specify that the input sequences are UniProt, UniRef90, or UniRef50 for retrieval of node attribute information.

26 Patents

KR-20190025615-A. Methods for producing bacterial hemoglobin libraries and uses thereof. 지머젠 인코포레이티드, 2019-03-11.
EP-3483246-A1. Cleaning composition comprising hydrophobins. The Procter & Gamble Company, 2019-05-15.
EP-3483249-A1. Cleaning composition comprising biofilm surface layer a proteins. The Procter & Gamble Company, 2019-05-15.
WO-2019094913-A2. Personal care composition. The Procter & Gamble Company, 2019-05-16.
US-2019209625-A1. Engineered Therapeutic Probiotic System and Method. Matthew Wook Chang, Chun Loong Ho, 2019-07-11.
US-10738093-B2. Discovery of cationic nonribosomal peptides as Gram-negative antibiotics through global genome mining. The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology, China Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Assocation (COMRA), 2020-08-11.
WO-2020185775-A2. Materials and methods for reducing nucleic acid degradation in bacteria. University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc., 2020-09-17.
WO-2020242379-A1. Method of modifying a polypeptide. National University Of Singapore, 2020-12-03.
WO-2021007127-A1. Methods for selectively modifying amino acids and products made thereby. The Regents Of The University Of California, 2021-01-14.
WO-2021071439-A1. Sustainable production of cannabinoids from simple precursor feedstocks using saccharomyces cerevisiae. National University Of Singapore, 2021-04-15.
WO-2021167844-A1. Selecting biological sequences for screening to identify sequences that perform a desired function. Zymergen Inc., 2021-08-26.
BR-102020016004-A2. Enzymatic method to prepare a monounsaturated alkene. Cnpem - Centro Nacional De Pesquisa Em Energia E Materiais, 2022-04-12.
CN-114836400-A. Enzyme participating in synthesis of bacteriophage diaminopurine and application thereof. 天津大学, 2022-08-02.
WO-2022226109-A1. Polymer degrading enzymes. Alliance For Sustainable Energy, Llc, University Of Portsmouth, National Science Foundation (Nsf), 2022-10-27.
WO-2022225459-A1. Synthesis of enantiopure cis-α-irone from a renewable carbon source. Agency For Science, Technology And Research, Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement, Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, 2022-10-27.
WO-2022256920-A1. Acholetin biopolymers and methods for enzymatic synthesis. The University Of British Columbia, 2022-12-15.
WO-2023282853-A2. Lipases for use in production of a fatty acid ester. National University Of Singapore, Wilmar International Limited, 2023-01-12.
WO-2023068296-A1. Method for producing compounds, method for producing compound library, compound library, and screening method. 国立大学法人東京大学, 2023-04-27.
CN-116103351-A. Construction method and application of high-yield recombinant yeast for producing tenaciline. 天津大学, 中国人民解放军军事科学院军事医学研究院, 2023-05-12.
WO-2023096577-A2. Production of d-lysergic acid. National University Of Singapore, Imperial College Innovations Limited, 2023-06-01.
US-11680256-B2. Methods for terpenoid production. Agency For Science, Technology And Research, Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen, 2023-06-20.
WO-2023150887-A1. Lanthipeptides and methods of use. The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto, 2023-08-17.
WO-2023178318-A2. L-threonine transaldolases and uses thereof. Aditya Kunjapur, Jones Michaela, Neil Butler, Wirt Sean, 2023-09-21.
CN-116848256-A. Biocatalytic platform for chemical synthesis. 密歇根大学董事会, 2023-10-03.
WO-2023200968-A1. Compositions and methods of making and use thereof. Ohio State Innovation Foundation, 2023-10-19.
EP-4267751-A1. Biocatalytic platform for chemical synthesis. The Regents of The University of Michigan, 2023-11-01.

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