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Dataset Completed

Submission Name: IP91_IPR004184_All

The parameters for generating the initial dataset are summarized in the table.

Job Number26116
Time Started -- Finished4/1 08:50 AM -- 4/1 08:55 AM
Database VersionUniProt: 2022-04 / InterPro: 91
Input OptionFamilies (Option B)
Job NameIP91_IPR004184_All
E-Value for SSN Edge Calculation
Pfam / InterPro FamilyIPR004184
Number of IDs in Pfam / InterPro Family25,513
Exclude FragmentsNo
Total Number of Sequences in Dataset25,513

The taxonomy distribution for the UniProt IDs identified as members of the input list of families is displayed.

The UniRef90 and UniRef50 clusters containing the UniProt IDs in the sunburst are identified using the lookup table provided by UniProt/UniRef. These UniRef90 and UniRef50 clusters may contain UniProt IDs from other families; in addition, the UniRef90 and UniRef50 clusters at a selected taxonomy category may contain UniProt IDs from other categories. This results from conflation of UniProt IDs in UniRef90 and UniRef50 clusters that share ≥90% and ≥50% sequence identity, respectively.

The numbers of UniProt IDs, UniRef90 cluster IDs, and UniRef50 cluster IDs for the selected category are displayed.

The sunburst is interactive, providing the ability to zoom to a selected taxonomy category by clicking on that category; clicking on the center circle will return the display to the next highest rank.

Number of sequences at each length - UniProt
Number of sequences at each length - UniRef90
Number of sequences at each length - UniRef50
Portions of these data are derived from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) databases.

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