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Download Colored SSN Files

Uploaded Filename: 27106_IP91_IPR004184_UniRef90_NoFragments_Minlen650_AS240_full_ssn.xgmml.zip

Six node attributes were added to the input SSN: Cluster Sequence Count, Sequence Count Cluster Number, Cluster Node Count, Node Count Cluster Number, node.fillColor (according to Cluster Sequence Count, hexadecimal), and Node Count Fill Color (according to Cluster Node Count, hexadecimal).

The Data File Download tab provides the Color SSN with the nodes colored according to Cluster Sequence Count (node.fillColor).

To change the node colors in Cytoscape to Node Count Fill Color: 1) select all nodes; 2) on the Style Panel, click on the "?" in the Fill Color Property; 3) select "Remove Bypass"; 4) deselect the nodes (now default node color); and 5) open the Fill Color Property and select "Node Count Fill Color" as the Column and "Passthrough Mapping" as the Mapping Type. The nodes will be colored with the Node Count Fill Color.

The Data File Download tab also provides files for 1) the UniProt ID-Color-Cluster Number mapping table, 2) ID Lists and FASTA Files for each cluster, 3) cluster sizes, and 4) SwissProt annotations for clusters and singletons.

Submission Summary Table

Job Number27114
Input OptionColor SSN
Uploaded Filename27106_IP91_IPR004184_UniRef90_NoFragments_Minlen650_AS240_full_ssn.xgmml.zip
Database VersionUniProt: 2022-04 / InterPro: 91
Number of SSN clusters271
Number of SSN singletons220
SSN sequence sourceUniRef90
Number of SSN (meta)nodes5,801
Number of accession IDs in SSN20,000
Please cite your use of the EFI tools:

Rémi Zallot, Nils Oberg, and John A. Gerlt, The EFI Web Resource for Genomic Enzymology Tools: Leveraging Protein, Genome, and Metagenome Databases to Discover Novel Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways. Biochemistry 2019 58 (41), 4169-4182. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.biochem.9b00735

Nils Oberg, Rémi Zallot, and John A. Gerlt, EFI-EST, EFI-GNT, and EFI-CGFP: Enzyme Function Initiative (EFI) Web Resource for Genomic Enzymology Tools. J Mol Biol 2023. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jmb.2023.168018

Colored SSN

Each cluster in the submitted SSN has been identified and assigned a unique number and color.

Supplementary Files

Mapping Tables
UniProt ID-Color-Cluster number mapping table
ID Lists and FASTA Files per Cluster
UniProt ID lists per cluster
UniRef90 ID lists per cluster
FASTA files per UniProt cluster
FASTA files per UniRef90 cluster
Miscellaneous Files
Cluster sizes
Cluster-based convergence ratio for UniProt IDs
SwissProt annotations by cluster

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