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Submission Name: IPR004184_IP74_UniProt

Network Name: IPR004184_IP74_UniProt_Minlen650_AS240

The parameters used for the initial submission and the finalization are summarized in the table below.

Analysis Summary

Analysis Job Number35894
Network NameIPR004184_IP74_UniProt_Minlen650_AS240
Alignment Score240
Minimum Length650
Maximum Length50,000
Total Number of Sequences After Length Filtering16,299

Dataset Summary

EST Job Number29535 (Original Dataset)
Database VersionUniProt: 2019-04 / InterPro: 74
Input OptionFamilies (Option B)
Job NameIPR004184_IP74_UniProt
Pfam / InterPro FamilyIPR004184
Number of IDs in Pfam / InterPro Family20,232
Fraction Optionoff
Domain Optionoff
Total Number of Sequences in Dataset20,232
Total Number of Edges166,127,802
Convergence Ratio?0.812

The panels below provide files for full and representative node SSNs for download with the indicated numbers of nodes and edges. As an approximate guide, SSNs with ~2M edges can be opened with 16 GB RAM, ~4M edges can be opened with 32 GB RAM, ~8M edges can be opened with 64 GB RAM, ~15M edges can be opened with 128 GB RAM, and ~30M edges can be opened with 256 GB RAM.

Full Network ?

Each node in the network represents a single protein sequence. Large files (>500MB) may not open in Cytoscape.

# Nodes # Edges File Size (MB)
16,299 32,789,379 524 MB


Representative Node Networks ?

In representative node (RepNode) networks, each node in the network represents a collection of proteins grouped according to percent identity. For example, for a 75% identity RepNode network, all connected sequences that share 75% or more identity are grouped into a single node (meta node). Sequences are collapsed together to reduce the overall number of nodes, making for less complicated networks easier to load in Cytoscape.

The cluster organization is not changed, and the clustering of sequences remains identical to the full network.

% ID # Nodes # Edges File Size (MB)
100 12,787 18,329,122 348 MB
95 5,904 2,966,539 65 MB
90 4,952 1,780,602 41 MB
85 4,263 1,099,864 26 MB
80 3,703 699,250 18 MB
75 3,221 412,901 11 MB
70 2,806 223,978 7 MB
65 2,472 123,096 4 MB
60 2,170 60,110 3 MB
55 1,945 32,177 2 MB
50 1,774 22,188 2 MB
45 1,676 19,435 2 MB
40 1,567 17,417 2 MB

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Portions of these data are derived from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) databases.

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