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Markers Computation Results

Submitted SSN: 29546_29536_IPR004184_IP74_UniRef90_Minlen650_AS240_full_ssn_coloredssn

Submission Summary Table

Input filename29546_29536_IPR004184_IP74_UniRef90_Minlen650_AS240_full_ssn_coloredssn.xgmml
Identify ID2206
Minimum sequence length650
Identify search typeDIAMOND
Reference databaseUNIREF90
CD-HIT identity for ShortBRED family definition85
Number of SSN clusters200
Number of SSN singletons196
SSN sequence sourceUniRef90
Number of SSN (meta)nodes4,178
Number of accession IDs in SSN16,274
Number of unique sequences in SSN12,762
Number of CD-HIT ShortBRED families3,203
Number of markers16,347

Markers that uniquely define clusters in the submitted SSN have been identified.

Files detailing the identities of the markers and which sequences they represent are available for download.

SSN With Marker Identification Results

The SSN submitted has been edited to include the marker ID and type and the number of markers that were identified.

SSN with marker results 27 MB

CGFP Family and Marker Data

The CD-HIT ShortBRED families by cluster file contains mappings of ShortBRED families to SSN cluster number as well as a color that is assigned to each unique ShortBRED family. The ShortBRED marker data file lists the markers that were identified.

CD-HIT ShortBRED families by cluster <1 MB
ShortBRED marker data 1 MB

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