Sequnce Similarity Networks Tool

Genome Neighborhood Networks

Stage 1

stage 1

Input ?

Upload the Sequence Similarity Network (SSN) for which you want to create a Genome Neighborhood Network (GNN)

The submitted SSN must have been generated using Option A, B, C with reading FASTA headers on, or D of EFI-EST 2.0 (released 8/16/2017) to be interpreted.
The SSNs generated with these Options can be modified in Cytoscape.

Select a File to Upload:
The acceptable format is uncompressed or zipped xgmml. Maximum size is 2048M.

Neighborhood Size:
With a value of 10, the PFAM families for 10 genes located upstream and for 10 genes
located downstream of sequences in the SNN will be collected and displayed.
The default value is 10.

This option allows to filter the neighboring pFAMs with a co-occurrence
percentage lower than the set value.
The default value is 20, Valid values are 1-100.

Used for data retrieval only

UniProt Version: 2017_07
ENA Version: 132
EFI-GNT Version: 1.0

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